Spring Semester 2017 JavaScript is everywhere, take the course
JavaScript and jQuery
starting on Tuesday, January 10th, 6:00pm.

Explore basic database concepts and/or
learn Microsoft Access by taking the course
Designing, Building, and Using Database
starting on Saturday, January 21st, 8:30am

Enhance your database application skills and/or
learn Intermediate Microsoft Access by taking the course
Developing Database Applications
starting on Saturday, March 4th, 8:30am

Explore big data using SQL by taking Data Mining using SQL
starting on Saturday, April 15th, 9:00am
Learn how to analyze and mine data
with the Structured Query Language (SQL)

Study procedural SQL from the ground up
by taking the course
SQL Database Programming
starting on Monday, March 6th, 6:00pm.

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Welcome! This site is intended for prospective, current, and former students as well as for anyone who is interested in database related information.

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My courses are all taught at the San Francisco Campus computer lab, a lab hands-on environment. That means the lecture portion is heavily reinforced by demonstrating examples. Furthermore, additional practice problems, homework assignments, quizzes and a take-home final are given to allow for an optimal learning experience.

The content of all courses cover a broad spectrum, the lecture portion is sometimes intense and fast paced. But in the end, most of my students really appreciate the style and the intensity of my courses. Read what students have to say about my courses on the testimonials page. All of my courses are set up for asynchronous learning, which is a blend of real-time instruction and work that is performed at a pace that is convenient and comfortable for the student. Asynchronous learning includes access to course materials, submission of assignments, and feedback from the instructor.

All courses are offered for academic credit. I assume that if you enroll for credit you want a letter grade, but you can also take my courses simply for a credit pass/not passed (passed constitutes a C- or better) or even not for credit (attendance requirement still exists). For further information see the course page.

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