Database Automation using VBA(Advanced MS Access)

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Database Automation using VBA(Advanced MS Access): Course Syllabus Spring 2020

Currently no courses scheduled for this term.

Class 1

  • Introduction to VBA (Core elements, program structure, anatomy of VBA Editor)
  • VBA Basics (Basics of variables, sub and function procedures, other VBA elements)
  • Executing VBA (Control, decision, loop structures, message box, arrays, nulls)
  • Declaring Variables (Overview, Dim statement, implicit/explicit declaration, scope and lifetime)

Class 2

  • Fundamental data types (Strings, string arrays, number, date/time, variant data type)
  • Calling procedures (Syntax, parameter by reference/value, named and optional arguments)
  • Working with Objects (Overview, collection object, object hierarchy, referencing objects, properties and methods)

Class 3

  • Overview of Events in MS Access
  • Sequence of Events
  • Responding to Events
  • Events in MS Access (Form events, data events, control events, special events, report events)
  • Overview of Errors
  • Handling of Errors
  • Debugging tools

Class 4

  • Introduction to Data Access technologies
  • Data Access Objects (DAO)
  • DAO objects (Database, recordset, filtering and sorting of recordsets)
  • ActiveX Data Objects (ADO)

Class 5

  • Examples Part I (Transaction processing, NotInList event, Word Mail Merge from Access, automatic table link verification)
  • Examples Part II (Controlled form operations, multi-select list box, dynamic SQL search form)