Full Stack Web Development

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A course reader developed by the instructor is provided at no additional cost to accompany this course.

Learn the fundamentals of full-stack web development using some of the most popular open-source libraries. The stack is comprised of Angular.js/Handlebars (front-end), Node.js/Express (back-end) and MongoDB (NoSQL), MySQL or Postgres (Relational) (DB technologies). In addition, you learn HTML5/CSS/JavaScript/jQuery and DevOps/Software Development skills. Full-stack web development is an important skill set to build fully-functional web applications.

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Basic course outline:

  • Introduction to Full-Stack Web Development
  • Basics of HTML, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • JavaScript (ECMA), jQuery, Web Pages
  • Introduction to Node
  • Node Programming Fundamentals
  • Building Node Web Applications
  • Getting Started with Express, Advanced Express
  • Request/Response Objects
  • Templating, Introduction to Angular, Advanced Angular
  • Persistence, Database Technologies
  • Form Processing, Cookies and Sessions
  • Software Development Process, Advanced Topics, Building Sample Applications