Developing Database Applications(Intermediate MS Access)

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A course reader developed by the instructor is provided at no additional cost to accompany this course.

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This course covers the following basic concepts:

  • Build custom menu-driven applications that link data between environments.
  • Mobilize front-end database objects for communication (import, export, link) and exchange with common products such as Oracle, SQL Server, Excel and Word.
  • Incorporate sophisticated SQL Data Manipulation Language and subquery techniques to mine for data with precision.
  • Enhance application interface with varied form controls including ActiveX, conditional formatting and graphics.
  • Write macros to automate repetitive tasks and validate data.

On successful completion you will be able to apply these new skills:
  • Manage data and object import/export features in MS Access.
  • Create sophisticated tables using customized formats, input masks, and validation rules.
  • Design and create advanced queries (Advanced Select, Crosstab, Action, SQL, and SQL Subquery).
  • Create forms and reports using all types of controls including ActiveX controls.
  • Build macros for data validation and database automation.
  • Create a menu-driven application containing all objects into a mini application.

Prerequisites: Successful completion of Beginning Microsoft Access, or basic skills in database and table design, queries (Select, Total, Crosstab, Parameter queries), forms and reports and simple functions (IIF, Left, Right, InStr, Mid).

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