SQL Database Programming (T-SQL and PL/SQL)

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Learn to use Microsoft Transact-SQL and Oracle PL SQL extensions to maximize the power of industry-standard SQL. While declarative SQL yields access to data; procedural SQL empowers new capability to programmatically manipulate data and code complex business logic at the database level. You will use graphical tools to write stored procedures, functions and triggers to manage data and enforce input integrity. The skills you learn will enable you to efficiently model, organize and manage the code development process to ensure smooth implementation and future maintenance.

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  • Introduction and overview of Procedural Database Programming
  • Differences between MS SQL Server T-SQL and Oracle PL/SQL
  • Graphical management tools (SQL Server Management Studio, Oracle SQL Developer)
  • Data types, control structures, advanced language commands
  • Using declarative SQL in procedural programming languages
  • Writing stored procedures and functions
  • Designing and coding triggers including transactional processing
  • Advanced database programming topics

Prerequisites: Managing Data(bases) using SQL (X401.9) or experience designing and developing databases and basic knowledge of structured query language (SQL), experience in a programming language a plus.

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