Managing Data(bases) using SQL

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A course reader developed by the instructor is provided at no additional cost to accompany this course.

This course provides students with an in-depth training of the core Structured Query Language (SQL). Emphasis is given to Data Query Language (DQL) and Data Manipulation Language (DML), however, Data Definition (DDL) and Data Control Language (DCL) are briefly covered. The information is presented using lectures with hands-on exercises to reinforce the concepts of SQL. Additional class exercises, tests, and projects are assigned to enhance the student's learning experience. Upon successful completion, students will be able to write and understand complex SQL statements and have a basic understanding of database operations.

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Basic course outline:

  • Introduction and overview of SQL, Normalization rules, Create Table statement
  • The SELECT statement with all its clauses
  • SQL data types, expressions, Nulls, and wildcard characters
  • Complex filtering of data, Intersect, Difference, and Union
  • Using multiple tables, Inner join, Left, Right, Full Outer join, self join
  • SQL subqueries
  • Group By Queries
  • Data Manipulation statements(Insert, Delete, Update)
  • Data Definition statements(Create, Drop, Alter)
  • System privileges, object privileges, Grant and Revoke statements
  • Hierarchical SQL, OLAP in SQL, Regular Expressions, GUI Tools to manage databases

Prerequisites: Introduction to Relational Database Management Systems (X409.1) or basic understanding of databases , prior experience in SQL is helpful but not required.

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