Building Applications using C # and .NET Framework

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IMPORTANT: This course has been discontinued as of Fall 2015 due to consistent low enrollment

A course reader developed by the instructor is provided at no additional cost to accompany this course.

This course introduces the C# programming language, concepts of object-oriented programming, and developing and deploying a Windows Forms database application . The following main concepts are covered in this course:

  • Learn to use a complex Integrated Development Environment (IDE) tool including debugging and deploying applications
  • Implement programming concepts such as variables, arrays, collections and event-driven models into discrete program units.
  • Develop complex programming units using control-of-flow execution that is integral to programming.
  • Learn the basics of object-oriented programming.
  • Design complex Windows Forms database applications.

On successful completion you will be able to apply these new skills:
  • Navigate comfortably in Visual C# Express IDE.
  • Create basic static classes to hold programming logic.
  • Apply basic C# programming elements such as variables (declaring, scope, lifetime) and controlling executions (If-Else-End if, Do/While/Until loops, Switch, Exceptions).
  • Implement object-oriented programming concepts(static, non-static, indexers, delegates).
  • Create basic binding programming code.
  • Design and develop user interfaces using Windows Forms.
  • Develop custom database applications..

Prerequisites: Successful completion of Building Database Systems (X 478), or experience in designing and developing databases and basic knowledge of application technologies (forms, controls). Previous programming experience is helpful but not required.

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