All of the courses I teach are usually held at the San Francisco Campus (SFC) of UC Berkeley Extension at 160 Spear Street. Note that the main entrance is on Main Street. This center is conveniently located right at the Embarcadero  BART  station.

All courses taught by me are held in the computer labs in the SFC. This allows for hands-on class instruction to immediately reinforce the material by demonstrating applicable examples. Depending on the course, there will be additional time towards the end of each lecture to practice the newly acquired knowledge by either In-Class practice examples or homework assignments. Note that the computer labs are equipped with 20 computer stations, however, if more than 20 students are enrolled, stations will be shared.

Outside the class hours students will also have access to UC Berkeley Extension's Open Computer Lab. This is a great opportunity to further practice the class material. The Open Computer Lab is also open on the weekends.

You have the choice of the following grade options:

  • Credit Letter Grade (CLG)
  • Credit Pass/Not Pass (CP/NP)
  • Not for Credit (NC)