12/22/2016A great precursor to a SQL course for those new to database systems. The course is organized thoughtfully and delivered effectively through Dr. Kremer's instruction. Comes with a helpful (free) course manual that is well written and a great future reference guide. Homework and in-class assignments also reinforced the learning providing a well rounded overview of database management and design.
9/1/2016I have taken two courses in this series, Access, with Professor Kremer and enrolled for two more courses this fall, 2016 with him as well. I found his courses to be extremely useful and practical in my field, healthcare. I was able to connect to our healthcare data tables, which otherwise, did not have access to and he was there to help anytime I had questions. I am planning on completing the Database Management certificate and glad that he is teaching the other courses I am taking to complete this certificate. I highly recommend Professor Kremer to anyone who is starting out learning about data bases.
10/19/2015I recommend the Beginning course for MS Access/Database Series. The course is truly a comprehensive review of Designing, Building, and Using Databases. Professor Kremer is a great resource and instructor; he is very generous with his time and keeps the class engaged with interesting, real-life examples. He is also approachable and willing to help with students’ personal database projects. In my work, I am seeing an immediate difference in applying what I learned. The in-class exercises and homework are a good mix of basic and complex database examples to use to understand the fundamental concepts of the database model and further design a robust user interface. Before this class I struggled a lot to create my own database and I am so glad to have taken this class as it has helped me overcome hurdles and work more efficiently. Ultimately, the value of this class has been the peace of mind afforded by a growing understanding of fundamental database concepts and ability to accomplish more by automating mundane tasks.
10/19/2015I recently completed Dr. Kremer’s, Begining Microsoft Access course at UC Berkeley Extension. Dr. Kremer’s excellent time management, enthusiasm, and his knowledge of this subject, was for me the ideal learning environment. I continue to use his class reader to help consolidate my recently acquired knowledge. Starting in January, I plan to take Dr. Kremer's other courses in Database Management.
10/17/2015Michael explained the database system in a easily understanding way, and plan the work load appropriately, which makes us feel happy to learn and do the homework. I really enjoy Michael's class and learned a lot from his class.
12/22/2014This a fast-paced, well-structured class. The instructor is always clear, always responsive to questions, and you get to try out the new material through numerous in-class practice examples.
12/16/2013This class was extremely well organized from the instructor provided/written course book, the quizzes, the in-class presentations and practice sheets, the dowloads and homework and final project. You were never at a loss because all information was at your fingertips and the instructor was always accessible and open to answering any questions, even for work-related access projects in class or through email. I would definitely take a class from this instructor again and the knowledge I learned in this Access class is already being applied at work. Highly recommend this class whatever level you are Beginner to Advanced because you will learn something new. Thanks!
5/24/2013I was looking for a course that taught me the fundamental concepts behind a database and I found it, actually I found three. The first of the three course MS Access series starts with relational concepts and design and manipulation of Access objects. The second focuses on data integrity and automation and the third introduces the student to VBA programming. I’m glad I took all three courses because, besides getting my certificate, I have now have a deeper understanding of how databases in general work and the great possibilities of MS Access in particular. But the true treasure of these classes is Michael. I have been taking classes for a long time and I have never met an instructor so committed to his students. Any question via email I had was answered the same day, sometimes even minutes after I asked. He wants you to succeed and will repeat concepts until they are understood. His classes are very well structured and students always know what to expect. The lecture is taught with a power point presentation. The pages of this presentation match the book so it’s easy to follow. There is a book for every course. They have been written by Michael who has more than 20 years of experience working with databases. At the lab everyone has a computer and the student follows Michael’s examples on the computer. There are in class practice exercises and quizzes that helped me understand the material better. At the end of each course we received a CD that includes the book, the in class practice exercises, final, homework, etc. It’s a great resource for a quick search. Of the three classes the programming one was the most challenging for me. I debated if I should even take it. When I asked, Michael did not push me to take it, he just said it would improve my understanding of Access, and it did. Now, not only I can use the application but I can also look behind the code and write my own routines.
12/4/2012It was an absolute pleasure taking Dr. Kremer's Advanced Access course! My undergraduate degree is in Management Information Systems and I took the course as a refresher, having worked outside of IT for the past couple of years. Not only was Dr. Kremer exceedingly knowledgeable, but he exuded an undeniable passion and committment to instructing. In addition to being a great instructor, he was always open to learning from the students, encouraging us to share our ideas and real-world experiences. He always made himself available to students Even more so, he was always open to learning from hi. I would definitely take another course with Dr. Kremer in the future and highly recommend his course to those with an interest in advancing their Access skills.
5/23/2012Prior to taking the Beginning MS Access course with Mr. Kremer, I have no prior experience in database management nor MS Access application. I took this class to help me built reports for work to be more efficient, less manual entry and less errors; since you can only do so much with Excel. After taking the Beginning MS Access class, I continued onto taking the Intermediate, and the Advance class with Mr. Kremer. Although, every courses are very intense, and the subjects are difficult, he tried to cover every topics and issues/lesson learned from his experience. In short, he make sure that every students succeed. And by the way, I have already registered for his next DB class.
1/18/2012I recently completed the 3-course MS Access Series. Initially, 15 Saturday classes, free time spent studying, and tuition (paid for out of my own pocket) seemed like a high price to pay. However, in hindsight, it was time and money well spent because what I learned exceeded all of my expectations. This series gave me a solid understanding of the fundamentals of Access, even though I had no Access experience going in. That’s why I attribute the real value in this series to the instructor, Michael Kremer. I learned more than general concepts –I learned how to apply these concepts to my unique goals. In my case, I’ve been able to transition some complex Excel models into Access and gain tons of speed and flexibility. This is a great series and I highly recommend it!
12/23/2011I really appreciated this class. I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted to get out of the class, which is why it was nice to get exposure to many of the different areas of VBA and Access. The reader is very helpful- I plan to keep it at work and use as a reference when coding. I stayed late after one of the classes to work on my homework, and I wish I had done this every time. Michael is very helpful, and he he responded quickly whenever I emailed him a question. I don't really have any criticisms of the class. I wasn't reaully concerned with my grade, but if I was, I would want a bit more guidance on what was going to be on the quixxes. To just say it covers the previous class material is to keep it a little too vague. Maybe say some general topics to look over, or even drop a hint or two during the lecture and say "This topic will be good to know for your quiz". Thanks for a great class- I plan to come back for more classes if I have any more programming needs. -Brett
5/26/2011 I had never used Access in anyway shape or form prior to taking these classes, and avoided it at all costs. I wish I had known what Access was capable of then, because after taking these classes I know I will be able to automate tasks I had previously done manually which will allow me to be more efficient and effective in my job. I wish I had taken these courses a lot sooner. The classes themselves are well laid out, and followed a logical progression of skills development, with plenty of examples to practice and all our questions were quickly and promptly answered.
5/22/2011As a (self-taught) advanced Excel user my interest in Access is the result of my work with complex statistical analysis models based on large datasets – I wanted to design models with more flexibility and speed. Initially, like Excel I thought I’d be able to learn Access on my own. But, after several months of trying and making very little progress I decided to take some courses. And, taking these courses is one of the better professional decisions I’ve made – over the course of a few months I was able to learn what would have taken me years to learn on my own. These courses gave me a solid understanding of the fundamentals of Access – I can now speak the language... And, Professor Kremer continues to be an invaluable resource (he always responds to my email questions). The bottom line is if you want to learn Access, TAKE THIS SERIES…
5/20/2011As a full-time (and then some) professional, I greatly appreciate the thought and time this Prof. Kremer puts into his classes. Prof. Kremer has definitely taken the time to customize his course for his students. In his ‘Adv. Access VBA’ course, he provides: a custom reader, custom slides, and custom database examples to work through at your convenience. He also is available through email for assistance. Also, his class is held on Saturday! In a day and age when you can’t even schedule a tooth cleaning on Saturday—I find this to be a big win. Thank you Professor Kremer, for not only making this class convenient, but very informative! You have given me a great start in this subject.
5/19/2011I am absolutely satisfied of the material that was covered into MS Access classes and the way it was presented into these 3 classes. Thank you very much for the CDs with the examples that we did and the lectures. It is very helpful, because you can always refer to these materials and remember how they were done. Lectures were very well structured, following the book. The pace for the third class VBA was a little faster for me and more complicated. So for people that never had programming experience this third class will be a bit challenge. We received great support from our teacher, always willing to understand our problem and ready to help. Honesty, I will recommend these classes to everyone who wants to start using MS Access! 5/19/2011
5/17/2011I took Designing, Building and Using Databases and Developing Database Applications, the beginning and intermediate Microsoft Access classes with Dr. Kremer. I took them with Dr. Kremer, rather than from him, because he makes learning a collaborative experience. Multiple all-day Saturday classes in computer databases could have been excruciating. Instead each class was stimulating, informative, interesting and practical. After the very first session I was able to put the information I had learned to use on the job. The pace is extremely fast but Dr. Kremer is always ready to answer any question. He focuses on real-world applications while still teaching all the foundation and theory. Dr. Kremer is the reason why on-line classes can never replace in-class learning. His energy and enthusiasm for the subject is contagious. I originally had no intention of signing up for class #2, but Dr. Kremer got me so interested in the subject that I had to continue.
12/23/2010The fifteen week Microsoft Access Series was well worth the effort and expense. The course is a fast paced and comprehensive presentation utilizing course materials developed by the instructor, who has many years of experience using Access. In the recently completed series, many students were not new to Access and either used it in their work or had some other experience with the product that they were seeking to complement with a structured and in depth approach. However, all levels of experience can benefit. Although students without prior exposure to Access may need to spend more than the recommended time outside of class, the availability of a helpful and responsive instructor makes the series an excellent choice for the determined beginner.
12/23/2010I took the Access Series courses with Michael without any experience at all. I highly recommend this class to inexperienced users and experienced users. The classes covered a great mount of knowledge and detail that I would have never learned on my own, even if I read few dozen books on the subject. Michael is not only a professional, but an expert in the subject. The class and assignments are designed to enhance the build on what you are learning. Michael is very responsive to all questions. If he doesn’t know the answer to a question (rarely the case), he will find out and get back to you. I know I paid my tuition to learn Access, but the quality of teaching, support, and help I got was extraordinary. If I had to give a rating, it would be 5 ½ stars out of 5 stars.
12/20/2010Michael Kremer is an enjoyable instructor. I have found him to be an excellent communicator of technical knowledge and readily available to assist each student. He motivated and encouraged me to learn.
6/5/2010First of all, this is one of the more practical series of courses I have ever taken at the UC Berkeley extension. After every class, I was able to immediately apply the new learnt skills that I have learnt into my assignments and greatly improve the productivity of my peers and myself with many time-saving queries and other amazing features that Microsoft Access can provide. For the classroom experience, Michael follows the course materials very closely and updates the book every time he finds something new. I personally find it easy to find and reference key concepts and examples that I need for work. Course structure wise, I like the practice that he breaks a practice database into three parts across the three different MS Access courses, I think it is a great way of letting us see how to build a database from scratch and how each new component interacts with each other. As the class ends, we all get a digital copy of the course materials, and I find these resources extremely useful. Ever had one of those moments where you know what to do but just forget how? Well, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been there, but you get the idea. I understand learning MS Access can be quite an intimidating task, especially when it looks alike like Excel. But as many industries are becoming more and more of an informational driven culture, I find it pretty useful to at least understand the basics of a database to keep myself ahead of the curve… well, that’s just me.
12/19/2009Great Access courses, and one of the best courses I have taken ever in my whole life. Dr. Kremer is truly dedicated, amazingly knowledgeable, and simply wonderful. The course structure, the course material (he prepares a CD with all initial and solution database files), the power point presentation and the exercises makes the entire series a must take for anybody who would like to learn more about databases in general and specifically about Access. Dr. Kremer is so helpful, so responsive to e-mails, and simpy so considerate of the specific circumstances that I have to say that there is not much to say what I did not like. Dr. Kremer, thanks so much for the great experience.
12/11/2008I have taken other Access classes and these courses are worth every penny compared to others. The material covered is more thorough, class structured for better learning experience, and the CD/reader make better resources than buying books/CD from a book store. I use my course material at least every few months or so for reference of things I don’t use daily. In addition, the instructor will answer questions/concerns with your personal/work related projects. I did find that as we got to the 3rd course of the series, Advance, the course did go a little too fast to grasp all concepts. But in the end I knew it would be ok b/c we get copies of all course work.
12/13/2007My new job requires me to be proficient at MS Access. So, I took Microsoft Access Intermediate and Advanced classes taught by Michael Kremer in Fall 2007. The only regret I had was not taking the Beginning class. The course has opened my mind to a lot of possibilities that I did not know about. I am still amazed at what MS Access can do especially with the VBA programming. Michael is very knowledgeable about MS Access and databases in general because that is what he does for his day job. He is also a good teacher; very understanding and patient. I enjoyed taking his MS Access classes. I am also in his SQL class.
9/7/2007Great class. Kremer very knowledgeable and articulate, as well as able and willing to address specific questions.
12/22/2006During the three ACCESS course semesters, Dr Kremer had maintained a steady pace on the material we learned. By not going too fast or going too slow, he always left enough time to answer his students. Also the way the course is set up, with the integration of examples as we went along, really enforced the processes of us learning the materials. Dr.Kremer is a great wealth of knowledge that is available to his students past and present.
1/5/2006Michael’s courses helped me tremendously! I had pretty much taught myself Access, and felt like I had a reasonably good working knowledge of the system. I took the Developing Applications (Intermediate level) course and found it *so* helpful and informative that I stayed the extra month for the VBA course (Advanced level). My only regret is that I didn’t take the Beginning course! There is still so much I don’t know, but I now have enough familiarity with the different elements of the Access infrastructure that I can benefit from high level books and programming websites. I used to use Access as little as possible, just manipulating data enough to port it over to a statistical programming package. I now do most of my work in Access, and have started building applications at work, which is something I enjoy tremendously. I should say also that not only is Michael very knowledgeable, he is encouraging, respectful, and very funny in class. It was a huge time sacrifice to give up eight Saturdays for the courses, but the knowledge I gained, and Michael’s personable style made it more than worthwhile. I recommend this sequence of courses highly.
7/8/2005The Microsoft Access courses taught by Michael Kremer are excellent. The course material he designed for the class is really superb (It would be even better without the typos) and he comes prepared. His examples build off each other in a perfect logical flow progression. He presents well and is able to answer a variety of questions. The course is very faced paced so to get the most out of it you'll need to allocate time in between classes to both review the previous material and get ready for the next lesson. I've taken two classes and frequently refer to the material.
6/16/2005 After wrestling on my own with ACCESS, and as my own work required more and more sophistication in my databases, I realized it was time for some formal training. I was fortunate in choosing the Berkeley Extension Courses with Dr. Michael Kremer. Even before class started, Dr. Kremer was helpful in answering questions about the course and helping me sort out where to start. I’m glad I started at the beginning. Every class I learned something I used the next week during my work. The classes were a great blend of lectures and constant hands on typing to reinforce the ideas and procedures. The examples were a great introduction to the potential of ACCESS and also a practical guide to solving problems that I had been having on my own. Dr. Kremer was a great “on-line” resource, readily answering any question I emailed to him. Dr. Kremer’s handouts and CDs are great resources. I’ve gone back several times to review how to implement something I learned in class, but hadn’t used enough to have second nature. I’ve gone from ACCESS for Dummies to programming mail merges and real time reports about what is needed for a given situation programmed in VBA code. His classes actually made me want to spend more time with my databases.
10/26/2004Michael Kremer’s Microsoft Access Series is a superbly developed set of classes. Over 12 Saturdays, Michael takes his students from basic concepts in database development to a working knowledge of using VBA with Access. While each class is challenging, the course is carefully and logically developed. At the end of each class, I felt that I was taking away immediately useable skills. Michael also bases each class on a thoughtful chronological structure, which keeps students alert and involved. Michael is a seasoned, confident and professional instructor. He is an expert in his field, and he obviously enjoys his work and is committed to it. He wrote the three readers for the series, and he has a well-developed website. Homework is given and discussed at each class, and a practice CD is given to students at the end of each of the three courses comprising the series. And, Michael is very generous with his time. He usually spends class breaks helping students with their own database projects. If you want to learn Access, take Michael’s series.
5/17/2004I took Michael Kremer’s three-class series on MS Access in the spring of 2004. I am a professional programmer, but I came into the classes knowing nothing about Access and very little about database design. I suppose this made me a hard sell – I wanted a class that covered the basics, but also one that discussed programming and general design issues with some sophistication. Michael’s classes are excellent on both counts. The material is well organized and includes copious examples that students can apply to real-life database projects (I already have!). The exercises and homework also foster a practical understanding of Access. Michael is a skilled, patient teacher. He is responsive to students’ needs, and his self-effacing sense of humor make the six hours of class far less grueling than they might otherwise be. (This although our classes started at the ungodly hour of 8:30 – rough on a night owl like me!) As is often the case among teachers with a deep and authentic understanding of their subject matter, Michael is not afraid to admit it when he doesn’t know the answer to your question. If he doesn’t, chances are you’ve asked a good question, and most likely he can find the answer for you. I whole-heartedly recommend Michael’s classes to anyone who wants to learn MS Access.
1/23/2004I have really enjoyed all of the classes in the Microsoft Access series. I really learned a lot. I actually learned more than what I was expecting. The instructor, Michael Kremer, is excellent. He allowed questions and I was really impressed with his knowledge of not only Microsoft Access but also databases and SQL. Michael is a very approachable instructor, which is a quality not found in instructors who teach technical subjects. I have also found the CDs and materials he produces for the course very helpful. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who really wants to learn Microsoft Access. It is a great class. Sincerely, Roger Baker
1/16/2004I took Beginning MS Access and Developing Applications Using MS Access from Dr. Kremer in the fall of 2003. I think Dr. Kremer is very organized and very thorough – a very good teacher. Here’s a list of what really worked with regards to the class: • Each subsequent topic within a class built logically on the previous topic • Each subsequent class built logically on the previous class • The classes were very thorough and covered about as much of the material as possible • Dr. Kremer was always available to answer questions whether they were about the course work or having to do with a student’s work or individual development effort • Dr. Kremer has an enthusiastic approach to teaching which helps motivate • The pace of the class was very fast which didn’t allow for topics to drag or get boring • Dr. Kremer’s knowledge and experience with the software and with database development are extensive. Any questions that were asked that Dr. Kremer didn’t have an answer to (which were very few) he would take the extra time to research for an answer • Dr. Kremer is very reasonable and does not have unrealistic expectations of the students – most of which are working full-time and taking the course to support something they’re responsible for at work • Dr. Kremer provided cd’s of the complete course which I have used a number of times and have found to be quite useful
12/16/2003I took both the Application Development and VBA courses from Michael. Having started my current job knowing only slightly more than the basics in Access, these classes have been invaluable and have helped me do things I never thought I could. I am currently working on my fourth database (and it’s not even my primary responsibility at work)! Once people know you have these skills, you become very popular. The class manuals have a lot of exercises that are both helpful in class but are also good to refer to later. The classes were not only well-structured and organized, but his teaching style is great too. He is very encouraging and gives a lot of positive feedback! He says in class that you can email him with any questions you may have and he really means it (even if it’s a year after the class is over). He has emailed me back quickly and always knows the answer to my questions. Michael is a dedicated and enthusiastic teacher and I look forward to taking some of the new advanced classes in the summer.
11/14/2003I attended the intermediate and advanced sessions of the Microsoft Access course taught by Dr. Michael Kremer through UC Berkeley Extension. The course is an excellent preparation for those who need to become familiar with the design of Microsoft Access and particularly for those who would like hands on experience developing a database. The course covers a lot of material in a very organized way. I was able to develop and understanding of the “Event Model” which is used, among other things, to customize the human interface to the database. The course includes many examples and many in class exercises that test your understanding along the way. These examples were also provided on a reference cd given at the end of the course along with an electronic version of the course booklet. I have used these references over an over in my job developing many different databases for users with different need. Dr. Kremer also has made himself available through e-mail to troubleshoot a number of database development problems I encountered after long after completing the course. In summary, this is one of the best courses I’ve ever taken at any college or learning institution. The preparation of the instructor far exceeded my expectations!
11/9/2003Over the course of three years, I have taken three Access database courses from Michael Kremer, Mastering Microsoft Access (twice) and VBA. After taking the courses, I often refer to his class manuals. The latest is particularily well designed and a fast and easy way to find solutions. I haven't actually run the CD yet, but after writing this testimonial, I plan to check it out. Since taking the courses, I have consulted with Michael via e-mail on various issues that I have encountered. His response is always timely and informative, invariably solving whatever problem I have. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the time and support he has given me outside the classroom. Michael's classroom style is fast-paced, packed with information and often delivered with humor. I couldn't wait to apply what I learned in class to practical applications on the job. I have learned so much from his courses, that building databases has translated into a profitable source of income for me.
10/31/2003I took both the Application Development and VBA courses and found both quite practical & useful in my education and work. I have referred to the readers often during the course of my database work. Dr. Kremer proved to be an excellent and engaging teacher (one of the best I had at a UC extension course). The class organization and structure, and conduct are very effective and probably need little or no change. However, I do have some comments and suggestions for improving the course material: * Correct spelling and other errors in the readers for both courses and also in some of the homework & in-class practices. * Reduce or eliminate the Macros section in the Developing Application course. I do rarely use this material and always opt for VBA instead. The time spent on this topic can better be used for expanding or adding other topics. * Reduce or eliminate the overlap between the Beginning course and Developing courses, specifically the Database design and data formats topics. * Expand the import/export topic to cover XML. * Add/expand the VBA course to include more examples on using Access (with ADO) as front end to other RDBMS (SQL server or Oracle) and perhaps overview coverage of Access Projects. * Add short overview of web-related topics (probably in the Developing App course) such as Data Access Pages.
10/16/2003As a self taught Access developer, I found Michael's class the much needed supplement to my knowledgebase. Michael knows the subject matter from his own developing background and is always willing to help his students. The organization of the class materials (CD, homework, etc.) enabled me to apply what I learned immediately. Great class!
5/22/2003Hello Michael, I don’t know if you remember me (I emailed you a few times with questions). I took your Developing applications using MS Access class back in October 02. I just wanted to share this story with you: After taking your class, I started developing an Access database at work although it was not my responsibility. When I was done, I showed it to my boss who showed it to his boss. 3 months later, my position was changed to database developer and I now work on the database full-time. Your course helped me tremendously in getting jump started on Access. I’ve learned a lot during the class and was able to build on that knowledge after the class. There is still tons to learn but it is good to know that I can use what I am learning in my day-to-day job. So thank you very much again. I couldn’t have done it without your class. I hope you remember that you helped (at least!) 1 individual and his career by teaching this class. Warm regards,