6/15/2018Very knowledgable professor with years of experience. Amazing course. Definitely helped me to improve my SQL knowledge. The only thing I would change about the course is adding more live practice during the course. I wish had more opportunity to reproduce the code ourselves instead of just reading examples on the slides. But overall, still great course that expanded my sql horizons.
11/26/2017Michael's homework assignments provided just the right amount of challenge; I learned so much SQL in so little time!
11/25/2017Professor Kremer is an amazing teacher and I highly recommend the Data Mining using SQL class. Great content and learned a lot from the class!
11/22/2017Excellent course.Thank you so much Mr.Michael.
12/9/2016The ‘Data Mining using SQL’ course was a fantastic follow-up to the ‘Managing Data(bases) using SQL’ course. Mr. Kremer built on the subjects covered in the first course (subqueries, joins, normalization, etc.) and provided tangible use cases where those skills would be necessary. These use cases included preparing data by replacing nulls with other values, summarizing population information from a census, and using advanced algorithms to calculate geographic distances. Throughout the course, key concepts are reinforced such as the need to immerse in a dataset (through Data Exploration) as well as the importance of data normalization as it relates to data mining. For work I use SQL as well as other data analysis tools (Alteryx, Tableau, Python) and I found the concepts covered in this course are translatable to those tools and have enriched my ability to perform analysis.
11/25/2016This was amazing course, very intense and complex SQL statements, but also very interesting approaches and data analysis/data mining concepts. You definitely need to spend some time understanding the SQL statements. The homework assignments and final project helped a lot understanding the complex matter. This course is very organized, you need to make sure that you have at least 6 hours per week to study and do the assignments.