3/28/2019Dear Michael, I am pleasure to write a testimonial about the JavaScript course taken in past semester. To be honest, in my opinion, the ability to design or read the code about web designing and the JavaScript is essential of it. Except the JS, we also learned HTML and CSS, also jQuery; that is to say, the course’s arrangement is inclusive and varied. However, such abundant notion and knowledge were taught only in ten courses, each lasted 3 hours. It may not be suitable for a newcomer to learn: why I had such feeling might be answered that I also had many course and test need to review. By the way, the courseware contains to much word, which might not catch students’ attention. All in all, it is a rewarding course. Best wishes, Yilai
12/16/2018Michael is an incredible instructor and made it easy to follow and understand key concepts in our Javascript/jQuery course. The class was challenging, but had the appropriate amount of work assigned so that I could keep up while still balancing a full-time job during the week. I can immediately apply the Javascript fundamentals I learned in this class to my daily work and am so grateful for Michael's continued support during and after the class concluded.
8/23/2018I came into the course without experience in JavaScript or jQuery, but Dr. Kremer’s style allowed me to learn the languages effectively. He is extremely knowledgeable and his answers to questions both in class and over email (problems with homework assignments) are very useful and help with fully understanding the concepts. His course book also is a large part of why the course is so effective, as it explains the ideas thoroughly with plenty of examples and applications. Overall, I learned a ton from Dr. Kremer’s course and would highly recommend it!
8/22/2018“JavaScript and jQuery” is a very good introduction class to JavaScript and front-end programming. The class moves fast but it covers a lot of good material. The in-class examples/demos and homework assignments are very helpful. The professor is very responsive to emails and very good at giving hints if you need help with the homework. As I said before, the class moves very fast (especially the lectures), so be prepared to allocate time outside of class to keep up with the readings and complete the homework.
8/19/2018I signed up for ‘JavaScript and jQuery: An Introduction’ in order to build a deeper understanding of Javascript and the basics of coding. Aside from a few online coding classes I had taken in the past, my only formal training in web development was in HTML and CSS. Despite my limited background with coding, this class was very well suited to my level. The course is very well structured, beginning with the fundamentals of the Javascript language. Each week then built on the week before in a logical progression covering the skills needed to code a single-page application. In addition to the weekly lectures, the course reader, homework assignments and online resources provided ample scaffolding for a beginner like me. By the end of the course, I not only had a firm grasp of the fundamentals of Javascript (and jQuery) but also a much deeper understanding of object-oriented programming in general. I’m very happy with my experience.
8/18/2018Java Script class with Michael Kremer was my third programming class (two other were online), and it was the most productive one for sure. First of all, I love the fact that Michael has the attitude of helping his students to succeed. He printed out a book for us, had plenty of demo examples where we could see the code in action, gave the feedback on the assignments and helped us not getting stuck on the final exam (project). Almost for each week we had a quiz in the middle of the class that covered the book material. It wasn’t testing programming knowledge as much but rather whether you read the chapter or not, which is a great idea to test theoretical knowledge. And then we had homework, where Michael gave us detailed instructions vs just leaving us alone to figure it out. So, we covered both a theory and practice, of course. One of the best things was that dropped the grades for two worst quizzes and two homework, so if you had to miss a class, you could still be on track. I find it very motivating, and I wish all instructors did it. Would highly recommend this class to anyone who starts learning programming or is picking up another language!
3/21/2018I had a really great time in Michael's class. There is a lot of material to take in, but Michael is always willing to answer questions in class or over email. The homework does a very good job at applying materials we've learned. The quizzes also pushed me to read through the course book more carefully. It sucks to get a C+ on quiz, but it is a good motivator! I love how teaching is Michael's passion. He is definitely a very good teacher and I more confident in Javascript now because of his class!
12/1/2017On the first day of class in the introduction to javascript and jQuery we learned invaluable information I could use at my job. Throughout the course we learned not only how to code javascript within web pages but best practices around building websites and deploying code. On my projects involving front-end development I speak confidently now on solutions for my clients thanks to this course. Michael was very responsive and helpful throughout the course and it was obvious to me he was happy to be teaching students how to code. Thanks for a great class Michael!
11/29/2017Extremely knowledgeable in explaining the origins & rationale behind why Javascript, JQuery, and other languages behave the way they do. Deadpan sense of humor helped make the learning not intimidating. The coursework was rigorous for me which forced me to learn & not just zone out in class.
11/27/2017I really enjoyed the Javascript course taught by Mr. Kremer. He has a great sense of humor and an open teaching style which is quite effective. He encourages students to ask questions and whatever I had was answered very promptly. Also, the Javascript/jQuery code he shares in his examples and demos are invaluable. I am definitely looking into taking other courses/classes being taught by Mr. Kremer.
11/26/2017the class covered many knowledge and details, I hope the pace of the courses could be slower. And maybe we could have more hands on examples. Generally the class is good.
8/25/2017I’m very happy that I decided to take this JavaScript course. One of the most encouraging things was Dr. Kremer’s contagious enthusiasm about the topic. Furthermore, he created an effectively informal teaching environment where everyone felt comfortable asking questions at all times. Dr. Kremer took a technical subject and made it very accessible. The well-organized course reader, along with in-class examples, homework assignments, and quizzes worked well together to both familiarize us with concepts and give us practical hands-on experience. Be aware that, because it’s such a condensed class timeline, missing a class (especially during the first half of the semester) could put you at a disadvantage. It’s important to take advantage of the in-class lectures and examples, readings at home, and doing the homework assignments. If you’re able to stay fully committed during the first half of the semester, the second half will become much easier. It goes by really fast, but you learn a great deal.
8/24/2017Great teacher, very patient and obviously enjoys teaching.
7/18/2017I have taken many CS courses at Berkeley Extension but this JavaScript/Jquery course taught by Professor Kremer is the only course which not only provided solid foundation about JavaScript/Jquery but also practical knowledge for my work. As a student having majored in biochemistry in undergraduate, I did not have as much computer science background as other software engineer students in the class. So I was concerned that it might be challenging to understand JavaScript. However he made a student like me absorb the material quickly by providing detailed instructions and many code examples. He also encourages students to think creatively by letting us approach the same problem in many different ways. After finishing this class, I was able to build a JavaScript dashboard that links to my company's database, which allows my coworkers to visualize core metrics of the data easily and quickly. What I really like about his course is that he covers pretty much everything from basic syntax/grammar to real-life applications. He is always prepared for his class and thus students can benefit a lot from his very organized lecture. Unlike most professors who use textbooks written by others rather than using textbook written by themselves, Professor Kremer not only wrote the JavaScript/Jqeury textbook himself for his class but also gives it to students for free of charge. As you will see from his lecture and textbook he wrote, you will notice that he is very knowledgeable, professional and an outstanding instructor. He is very approachable via email outside the class is willing to help you do well in the class. If you do as what Professor Kremer asked you to do in the class (read textbook for every chapter, do homework and don't hesitate to ask questions if any), you will not only get an A as I did but also will learn a lot about JavaScript knowledge that will be both solid and practical for real life. Also, even after finishing his course, Professor Kremer is willing to help former students on the material he or she is struggling with either at work or school, which proves that he is very enthusiastic and passionate about teaching.
7/18/2017I highly recommend Professor Kremer's JavaScript and Jquery course. As a student who did not have experience with JavaScript before taking this class, I was a little concerned that it could be hard for me to catch up the material but soon I realized I was overconcerned. Professor Kremer is very knowledgeable in this subject and and cover every single chapter in so much detail providing code examples. He is very approachable and is willing to help you do well in the class. By the end of the course, you will learn a lot of materials since Professor Kremer makes you understand the material thoroughly by providing code examples, quizzes and a final project. His class consists of 8 quizzes, 7 homeworks and 1 final project and he allows you to drop 2 of the lowest grades from the quizzes and homework, which I found pretty fair. As long as you keep on track of studying the material reading the coursebook every chapter and paying attention to his lecture, you will not only succeed in this class but also learn a lot about JavaScript and Jquery. Strongly recommended course!
4/4/2017I had the great fortune to be a student in Mr. Michael Kremer's JavaScript and jQuery course in the Fall 2016 semester. Although I have many years of computer programming experience using C, C++, and Java, I had not had an opportunity to work with JavaScript in any in-depth manner until this course. And, I suppose that like many older software engineers who are accustomed to traditional class-based object-oriented programming languages like C++ and Java, I did not take JavaScript seriously. Well, Mr. Kremer quickly demonstrated that JavaScript is a powerful, sophisticated programming language that should be taken seriously and that is quickly becoming the most important programming language in the world. Mr. Kremer is a first-rate teacher who is very organized. I especially liked the degree of organization of this course. The course schedule, syllabus, lecture notes, code examples, and homework assignments are all available on the course web site, as well as the graded quizzes and grades. Mr. Kremer goes to great lengths to explain at the beginning of the course, and also to remind students periodically, exactly what is expected and the best approach to learning the material and doing well in the course. Also, Mr. Kremer is an enthusiastic teacher who obviously is passionate about the subject and knows the subject very well. Given that JavaScript and its various associated libraries and frameworks, not to mention CSS, is an enormous topic, Mr. Kremer does a terrific job of distilling its essence and focusing on the core information essential to anyone who seriously intends to apply this knowledge as a software engineer. Finally, Mr. Kremer is a very nice person who is easily approachable and is always willing to assist students. I highly recommend this course to anyone with an interest in JavaScript and jQuery. I learned a lot and am working on applying the significant knowledge and insights gained from this course in my work.
11/22/2016I took Michael Kremer's JavaScript and jQuery course. I highly recommend the course and Michael as an instructor. It is an intensive course which covers a lot of material. You definitely learn a lot and it is well worth the effort. Afterwards, you feel comfortable coding with JavaScript, and become familiar with HTML and CSS. I am interested in following up with an Intermediate JavaScript course. The course is very organized. Michael provides a course reader with detailed reading, as well as slides which he goes through in class. There are weekly quizzes based on the material. The quizzes are straight forward if you read through the course reader. There is also weekly homework which is the most useful part of the course. Michael provides detailed instructions on how to do the coding. Read through the instructions very carefully and really think about it. Sometimes the instructions take some time to understand since the syntax is unfamiliar. Michael will provide assistance via email and in person, but doesn't provide the code. The final is a 4 part coding project, which is done at home. I liked this approach for a final. This is an excellent course, but you really need to put time into it. Each class covers about 50 slides (maybe 3 hours to read the course reader and understand it). The homework will vary by person. Sometimes that forgotten semicolon can take hours to figure out - this is coding anyways.
9/1/2016Michael is very passionate about teaching and really want the students to learn the material. The class very accelerated for people without a programming background. The structure and grading of the class is fair as the two of the lowest grades are dropped. The quizzes and homework also enforce the students to study previous week material. I believe there is a range of learning curve for the students. Since this class is accelerated as many material are covered in one class and some lessons are build on previous lessons. It is important the students need to have a good foundation before learning more difficult topics. From my experience, students can miss a class and fall behind, it will be hard to catch up. It is possible the students will lose their motivation to continue the class. It will be nice if there is a programming task in class for 30 min.
3/26/2016Michael’s course is very organized and comprehensive. As someone who has worked with Javascript for a few years already (self-taught), I was a bit worried that the course would be too repetitive. Instead the course not only helped fill in gaps in my knowledge but helped me gain a more fundamental understanding of Javascript and how it works. I now feel completely confident in my Javascript skills. Thanks for the great course!
12/26/2015Michael's JavaScript and jQuery class is a great way to get the fundamentals you've been searching for in a coding class. The class covers a wide array of features and functionality in the language and framework.
12/23/2015Five stars: Professor Kremer's course on JavaScript and jQuery is highly recommended for anyone interested in developing web applications. The course is structured into two parts. Part one focuses on learning core JavaScript and gaining a thorough understanding of the pure fundamentals. Part two applies these skills in the context of a client environment involving HTML and CSS, which also covers HTML and CSS basics. This structure truly leaves no stone unturned. Professor Kremer is a patient, thorough, and encouraging instructor and someone I would recommend to anyone as a teacher.