1/17/2016Testimonial for Procedural Database Programming: This class concerns procedural programming in two leading commercial database systems, namely Oracle and SQL Server. Just in terms of content, this is an unusual and unusually useful course; one may learn two DBMS, while comparing their strengths and weaknesses. Credit is earned flexibly because a student may focus their study, homework and exams on either or both DBMS. Maximal benefit is probably obtained by making the effort to study both. The course reader and lecture slides are exceptional resources. Topics are logically organized and well presented, with coverage from abstract concepts (eg, concurrency models) to practical matters (eg, output formatting options). Programming examples are excellent, successfully illustrating their points in a focused, cogent and comprehensible way. Homework exercises are well chosen to aid learning. Quizzes are a pedagogical tool to help students keep pace. The instructor Michael Kremer wrote the material, which clearly combines his theoretical knowledge and professional experience. He obviously enjoys teaching and sharing with his classes. He is open to questions and critique, offers many "office hours" and is quick to respond to email requests. His manner is modest, friendly and approachable. Through his course, Professor Kremer provides a valuable service to students and users of database technology.
1/15/2016Professor Kramer's DB Programing course was very enjoyable. I had a lot of reservations about joining with only basic declarative-SQL knowledge, a term I learned in class, but these were rapidly put to rest with Professor Kramer's tutelage. I would recommend this class to anyone with an interest in SQL.
5/28/2013I just completed the spring 2013 “Procedural Database Programming” course and here are some thoughts: First of all, this is a no-nonsense class that teaches some serious database programming. Secondly, as stated on the web page, a good understanding of SQL (mostly DML) and some programming language skills are prerequisite ( I have many years experience as a professional programmer, but I was lacking in the SQL knowledge and this meant more study time for me). And third, and MOST IMPORTANT, Dr. Kremer is an excellent instructor who supports his students (the class aid was very helpful also). I remember having difficulty on one homework assignment, and Dr. Kremer provided timely support and encouragement in our emails. Although this was a rigorous course, it was worth the time and effort because I can actually use what I learned on the job.
5/26/2013This might be the best class I have ever taken, including undergrad and grad school, based on the content learned in the hours spent. Dr. Kremer is subject matter expert often citing real-life applications of the material which helped think how I might apply in my situation. His class room instruction complemented the reading materials and course assignments. He is very well prepared, open to and good at answering questions, and knows the theory and practice of material. The feedback on quizzes and homeworks were very fast, which I appreciated. I also liked the website with the course material, assignment feedback, and uploading capability of the homework. Everything was designed very well. The text material provided matched 100% to in-class teachings. The material was concise and presented in easy-to-understand examples. The in-class practicals were the right level allowing me to see results in real-time enhancing my learning experience. The weekly quizzes ensured I stayed-up-to-speed for the class and that I understood the material. The weekly homeworks ensured I understood how to correctly code. The combination of readings, in-class lectures, quizzes, and homework helped me understand the content quite well. Overall an excellent course, content, materials, and instruction.
6/1/2012I highly recommend this course. Dr Kremer covers a lot of 'useful' content in both SQL Server and Oracle (two highly regarded DBMS covered in one course). I doubt you will find such a well structured, supportive learning experience elsewhere. Dennis Famularo
5/30/2012Students that complete Prof. Kremer's Procedural Database Programming course have an opportunity to learn procedural techniques in a hands on manner and a safe test environment. Students learn through a good course reader, quizzes, homework and a final. This is a good way to learn this material for those preferring a classroom experience.