9/13/2018I took the Managing Data(bases) using SQL course. Michael gave us a lot of SQL query examples during the class. This course introduced many SQL query command and you would be able to do some simple data extraction at the end. Michael was patient and nice to answer any question both in class and emails. However, about the concepts and logic, I think this is the part needed more attention and efforts after class. I did many google searches and practice the examples in the reading materials, but had confusion some time in class as well. It is worthy to learn the data management if you want to change to a data scientist role or have passion in it.
8/27/2017I want to thank you for everything I learned from you. I am so glad that you took the time to meet me and encouraged me to sign up for the course though I already missed 2 of 10 classes. I was very doubtful of my sql abilities before the class, and just two months later, I feel confident in my ability to execute queries and think about building tables in a systematic way. I definitely got everything I wanted to out of this course, which I am very grateful for, especially given how many not useful courses I’ve taken in my 19 years of schooling. I didn’t have any formal training in sql at all before the class... It was cobbled together from google, online tutorials, colleagues’ code… which was why the class was so helpful to get systematic, foundational training! Now I’m not constantly worried that I’m coding very inefficiently and am missing some large gaps of basic knowledge!
8/25/2017Michael is passionate about teaching and very willing to help his students. The course itself was comprehensive, and I enjoyed the in-class practice in the actual SQL terminal. The reader will be a good resource for me in the future, and I very much appreciated that it came with the course, rather than at an additional cost to me. A few downsides are as follows: 1) Make sure you have a non-Apple computer. While Oracle works on Apple, it does not work in the same way, and it is a very bumpy process trying to get everything installed properly before you are even able to practice your SQL skills. If you are able to go to the computer lab to do your homework and practice your skills, you should be okay, but if you are commuting from far away this may not be the best option for you. The computer lab is open Saturdays but closed Sundays. 2) The lectures can be a bit dry, and I would have preferred less bullet points and more screenshots of real scenarios on his PowerPoint presentations. Or, no bullet points at all and just real time in-class practice instead. I've learned that SQL is learned best by doing it rather than thinking about it. All in all, I got a lot out of this course and would recommend it to others.
1/18/2017I have taken four courses with Dr. Kremer in Data base management track. I came in with background in SQL and expecting to just refresh what I already knew, but much to my surprise his course was very much in depth and detailed and practical. His teaching covers the concepts with actual practical examples every step of the way. If you are new or returning students, I highly recommend this course with Dr. Kremer. He has also available for help with questions, even after the course has been done.
12/22/2016This course was designed and organized in a way that helped reinforce learning through homework assignments. In class lectures provide an opportunity to ask on the spot questions relevant to the discussion and assignment, making it easier to learn than just reading a book or learning from an online tutorial. Additionally, Micheal has a humorous personality that makes the experience even more enjoyable.
9/14/2016I took Dr. Kremer's course on SQL, and found the lectures to be very well presented and the course overall to be very well organized. Dr. Kremer clearly explains what you really need to know in class, and the homework exercises always tie into to the concepts discussed in class. Moreover, the concepts presented each week build on each other in an easy-to-follow progression. I had actually done a bit of reading about SQL and a bit of coding in SQL before I took Dr. Kremer's class; but I'm really glad I took the class, because now my understanding of SQL is so much deeper, and my coding ability is so much more fluent. --Nathan Grossman
9/12/2016Professor Kremer was an exceptional teacher. His classes were very well thought out and his lectures were very hands-on for the students. He created the lesson plans and homework so that the work seemed relatively intuitive. His homeworks were very helpful and allowed you to test various codes for yourself. Everything he gave you challenged you, but was never overly difficult, since he gave you all the information that you needed prior. I would absolutely recommend his class and hope I can take another one of his soon!
9/9/2016I recommend Managing Data(bases) using SQL class strongly. It is a very well organized class that covers a lot of materials. You will learn a lot and feel like at the end of the class that you can do things with SQL.
11/25/2015At first, I was apprehensive about taking the Managing Data(bases) with SQL class. I was afraid that given my lack of extensive programming/data background, I wouldn't be able to keep up in the class. I was immediately proven wrong. The class turned out to be easily digestible, clear, and comprehensive, while being challenging at the same time. I can imagine that even if I had come into the class with some experience, I would benefit a lot from the class. Prof. Kramer explains the intricacies and explores potential pitfalls of SQL. He teaches very much to the textbook and slides so it's very easy to follow while at the same time presenting it in a way that always invokes critical thinking. I highly recommend this class. ~ Dana
11/20/2015It has been a great learning experience I had in Michael's class. Very organized course material and well prepared lectures, beyond that I got a 'all i need to know about SQL' textbook from him and I can look anything up if I need anytime, which is so cool. The class definitely fulfilled my expectation and I would recommend it to all who plans to deepen their knowledge in database.
9/12/2015The course was an excellent mix of hands on practice, theoretical discussion, and a fun and friendly class room environment. I learned a lot about SQL that i will be able to apply to my understanding of data analytics and management of data. Thank you for a great ten weeks!
9/4/2015The course is a hand-on approach to learning. The course materials is just a bit above average in difficulty. The examples from the reader sure help you understand the materials. Everything you need to compete homework and final are there in the readers. To better ease the learning process, you should have good grasp of the if-then, else-if programming concepts (via excel is good enough and does not have to be via C, C++, or anything like that). I never had coding experience in any kind of programming language, only simple if-then, else-if coding in excel. I have read through few chapters in basics C++, java, C and that was a while ago. Before the start of the class, I grab a beginner SQL book from the public library and read through the first few chapters. I spent on average three hours on the each homework (including readings). I was able to finish the take-home final one week ahead of schedule. In-class quiz is a bit hard because of the coding involved. There are 5 to 6 questions on the quiz and most of the time there is one or two question on writing codes. The rest of the questions are concepts. To ace the coding just have basic coding examples from the book to memory. Instructor has tons of knowledge on the subject and is very helpful in answering questions. Super nice and friendly personality. Very easy to approach.
11/15/2014It was a great experience to have Prof. Kremer as my professor for “Managing Databases using SQL” class. I had little knowledge about SQL before taking the class and I can say that I learned a lot during just 10 meetings. All the meetings and materials were very well organized and Prof. Kremer was always well prepared. Short quizzes and homework pushed me to study continuously, which sometimes might be hard for working professionals due to a lack of time. Prof. Kremer is very fast to response to any question by email, is very knowledgeable about SQL and always willing to help.
11/12/2014Managing Databases Using SQL was great class for learning SQL. Dr. Kremmer covered considerable material in a comprehensive and approachable manner. He was very responsive to both in-class and homework questions. If you're looking for a really good SQL class, I would highly recommend taking this class.
9/17/2014The material covered in class was focused on the practical and is 100% relevant to using SQL with an Oracle database. The included textbook is also focused on practical examples of the SQL language and has been a great reference even after the class has finished. The instructor is very personable and clearly cares that each student learns, understands and feels confident to use the material covered by the class. My only regret is that I didn't take this class sooner.
9/14/2014Being in the midst of a huge project at my place of employment for which at least a rudimentary grasp of SQL is essential, I decided to enhance my amateur skills by signing up for the class. After having noticed the class advertisement in the UC extension guide, I did exactly that. However it was not without a little trepidation as I thought it may have been intended for experienced programmers - which I am not. Accordingly I sent a letter to the professor inquiring of such. Within an hour I received a response indicating that no experience was necessary – whereupon I began thinking the course may be too easy instead. My concerns were put to rest immediately. Although I knew at least some of the material presented in each chapter, and I learned that my knowledge was rather superficial. Prof. Kremer not only solidified what I knew, but presented a lot of new material, which clarified and enhanced the skills I already possessed. Additionally, I was gratified that the textbook - authored by Prof. Kremer himself - was free, and I was impressed with its organization and content. No important aspect of SQL was left untouched, all subjects were presented in logical order, and the book contained just the right amount of material that could be comfortably presented in a 10 week course. Contrary to my prior concerns, the class presented a challenge - despite my already somewhat honed experience with query writing. I believe that both the pace of the class and the material presented was just right, neither overwhelming nor undemanding. Prof. Kremer relayed the course information to us in a clear and concise manner, and his delivery was never boring, what with his sprinkling the very effective lectures with occasional bits of dry humor. Most importantly, Prof. Kremer was always available to answer questions, and even out of class one never needed to wait more than two hours to receive an e-mail response. Not only would I highly recommend this course for everyone, I would advise them to specifically seek out Prof. Kremer’s class. Thank you Prof. Kremer! Don't be surprised if you see me in your spring class!
9/11/2014This SQL class was the second course I have taken with Michael Kremer – and both courses were great! For the SQL class specifically, the course is structured in a way that builds each week off the previous, so you can continue to be exposed to and improve the techniques/commands across the full 10 weeks of instruction. There is a ton of hands on work in class as you work through the examples with him and ask questions along the way. The homework and quizzes are also really important for reinforcing what you have learned so that is actually sticks! Kremer is an excellent teacher who really cares about making sure his students are learning. He uses a lot of simple examples to illustrate concepts and commands and the lectures are very well thought out and fluid. I had a little exposure to SQL before the class but extremely limited. I came away from this course with a great foundation of SQL, though there are so many commands that it doesn’t seem necessary or possible to remember them all. I would definitely recommend this class and this teacher.
9/10/2014I liked the course a lot because it gave me the tools needed to learn. By that I mean, access to the student Oracle database. Regarding the actual class, I think it was merely okay. The course reader was little more than example queries, with little in the way of explaining their syntax. When syntax explanations were offered they were a little more confusing than just reading the query. Michael Kremer was a good teacher, but, to make the course better, I'd suggest that he offer more engaging material regarding the introduction of query keywords and syntax. I think the material was relatively dry, and had I not been a self-motivated student it could easily cause confusion or a resistance to learning.
9/10/2014I wanted to gain a practical knowledge about using SQL in the workplace. The material in this course was directly applicable to my job. This is a great beginner course and anyone considering the field of big data should consider taking it.
9/10/2014Professor Kremer's Managing Data(bases) using SQL class was very informative. We did many deep dives in the various areas of SQL and databases. I took the class because I wanted to get deeper insight about how databases work behind-the-scenes and I feel that this and more was accomplished. There are assignments, quizzes, and homework assignments which challenge and build upon what you learn each week.
8/22/2013This class was great! Professor Kremer has an amazing understanding of SQL and it's usage. Also, the coursework and materials helped me better conceptualize this non-procedural language.
12/19/2012I really enjoyed having Michael Kremer as my teacher, for the SQL Database class that I took in the fall of 2012. He taught the concepts well, the homework level was enough to hit home the concepts taught in that week's class without being too overbearing for someone with a full-time job, and he responded really quickly to any questions that I sent him over email (even those questions that just had to do with installing Oracle software). In addition, he is a kind, and very smart man, which always makes for a great teacher. I would definitely recommend his class to anyone looking to take a SQL class in SF.
11/3/2012I have taken 2 courses with Michael Kremer at UC Berkeley Extension (Managing Databases with SQL, Summer 2012 and Building Web Applications with ASP.NET, Fall 2012) and been impressed with his quality of instruction and course materials. Each class is taught with hands-on lab and examples. In SQL, we practiced using the SQL command line and ASP.NET the Visual Web Developer. The class assignments helped solidify my learning after each class. In summary, the course helped me extend my skillset in each of these areas and I would recommend them to anyone looking to do the same. -Walter Yu
9/1/2012I took this class as a requirement for my DB Management Certificate -as well as another class taught by Michael during the same quarter-. This class is very well structured as it starts with relatively easy concepts to grasp but quickly becomes complex, it is imperative to study the materials and be prepared for the quizzes. The homework assignments are instrumental to succeeding in the course. I was able to use SQL concepts learned in this class at my job almost immediately. All the hard work is worth the effort.
8/29/2012Professor Kremer's "Managing Databases using SQL" course keeps you on your toes even if his jokes don't. He emphasizes more on hands-on work through laborious but memorable ways. He is responsive, knowledgeable, and quick to the point on your questions. He encourages more interaction during the class with questions. So if you have a curious mind, feel free to see if you can stump the Kremer. His grading policy allows you to make mistakes for those days when you are taking a quiz and you are not fully awake yet. However, don't make too many mistakes. Some of the topics get complicated near the end, and the queries become entangled in and of itself, so be careful treading water at those tasks. It helps to ask questions early before they are due, but at the same time, he understands you have your daily work ahead of you as well. He may appear to have tunnel vision in some cases after working with databases for so long, so if you have a dumb or inexperience question, ask ask ask. I hope he is willing to update or add new content to the homework to make it clearer to the student in future classes, so that we do not need to ask him later. I can foresee that the class only improves more and more as he teaches it. Be ready after the first week of the course, because this class is not meant to be a breeze-through class. You need to pay attention to every detail from punctuations to where you dot your I's. It matters, it really matters especially if you query doesn't run. Enjoy
8/29/2012I learnt a lot from this class. I really like how the class is structured. The content is well distributed and there is no information overload for people outside IT background. Also, as practical understanding is key to the overall learning, the weekly quizzes and homework help the students remain on track with what is being taught in the class. Also, if you miss a class, you can catch up on what's taught through online lectures or even take the quizz in the next class. Overall, I learned a lot from this class and developed great interest in sql programming. -Shivani Bahuguna, UC Berkeley Extension Finance Certification
12/1/2011I greatly appreciate giving possibility to get valuable knowledge through enjoyment - result of the fact that educator Michael Kremer - Professional. The way learning process was created and organized produced this result which gave me such needed improvement in my education. This course outclassed my expectations.
9/9/2011I really enjoyed taking Berkeley extension’s Managing Databases using SQL class. Dr. Kremer’s presentation of the material was professional, clear, and sometimes humorous - a real plus in my book. I really appreciated the way Dr. Kremer responded to questions and criticisms, with an open, ego-less attitude. He was always eager to hear how he could improve the class. Dr. Kremer was available to answer questions and provide help both before and after class, and responded quickly when sent an email. The book, written by Dr. Kremer, was helpful but could use a good proofreading, some updating of screen captures, and possibly an index – it was sometimes difficult to remember where I’d seen something and track it down when I needed it later. However, I greatly appreciate not having to buy an expensive book, and feel it is a good resource. I would highly recommend Dr. Kremer, and intend to take more classes with him in the future.
9/6/2011Before I took Professor Kremer's Managing Databases Using SQL class, I only knew very basic SQL commands. Now after taking the class my SQL skills have increased substantially. The class will start off by teaching you the most basic SQL commands. Soon you will be learning very complex but highly useful SQL statements such as inner and outer joins, subqueries, nested queries and database triggers. The best part of Professsor Kremer's teaching is that he takes the time to help his students learn the difficult but important concepts that are vital to really know and understand the SQL language. Students don't just spend time banging out code. Professor Kremer makes sure you understand your SQL code and why it works the way it does. I would highly recommend Professor Kremer's SQL course to anybody who needs to improve their SQL skills.
8/31/2011I have taken two course from Prof.Kremer and I have never been dissapointed. His course "designing, building databases' helped me grasp database related courses in UC Berkeley Extension. So,I was very much interested to take Prof.Kremer's course on SQL as well. "Learn by doing" is his strategy, that's why all his classes have hands-on learning. His booklet is very well organized and his assignments/quizzes are very useful for learning the material.I refer his notes for my interviews now. Thank you very much for this great experience. I would stronly recommend Prof.Kremer.He is a fantastic instructor. -Deepika Kulkarni
12/23/2010SQL for Database Management is great for anybody without any SQL experience or an experienced user. Michael’s not only and expert, but he is also a great teacher. Taking classes while working full time is not easy, but Michael and the tutors in the class understand that and give you the best experience possible. They are patient and helpful. Michael is available before class and after class. He is responsive to emails and makes sure you understand the materials, as long as you willing to ask for help. The tutors are there during and after class to help you out if you fall behind. My overall experience with this class has been great. I had not experience with SQL. After the completing the class, I definitely was able to write and read SQL. Best of all, I know what is possible and impossible to do and how to work my way around it.
12/20/2010I really enjoyed the class 'Managing Data(bases) using SQL'. Professor Kremer's passion and commitment for teaching is admirable, and it made the class a great educational experience. Specifically, I found Professor's method of teaching SQL by mainly using the SQL command line to be the best way of learning the language. Also, the homework was-well designed, and greatly contributed to retaining the knowledge.
12/15/2010Dr. Kremer’s class was very helpful in building a solid foundation and practical working knowledge of using SQL. Before the class, I had designed and created many complex relational data bases to support clinical application and mainly used SQL for simple queries. Over the course of the class and following the class, I experienced the real power of SQL and demonstrated understanding by using the techniques to solve real job-related problems. In addition to the simple queries that I already used, I became adept at identifying which SQL functions were available and how to use them. I setup structured complex filtering. I joined multiple tables multiple ways and knew when to use each. I employed aggregate queries to summarize data. I used sub queries and correlated sub selects to find information in one part of the query and then use it in another part of the query - like a nested if and do-while all blended together but without programming code. Before the class, I was only able to populate a table from a Microsoft Excel file by importing the data into a pre-defined SQL Server table. After the class I used the create language to populate and update one or more tables at the time using a SQL statement. The class also provided helpful techniques in how to setup the queries to test pieces and then put them together step-by-step. This reduces the time to trouble shoot language errors that distracts from solving the real problem at hand. The classroom practice exercises familiarized the learner with typing in examples for ourselves. While the homework was at times complex and time consuming, it was very helpful in being able to take away examples we can use on the job. The closed book quizzes required a certain amount of studying and understanding what was covered in the last session and the questions were practical, fair and included the most essential of all items that could have been included. The instructor was always there to assist. He came in early to class each evening, he was available on Saturdays during the day in the classroom, he responded to every question including responding to e-mail, he gave everything he possibly could to us to assist with our understanding and he did it in a way that was kind and generous and didn’t demean the learner in any way.
12/10/2010Managing Data(bases) using SQL was my first course with Michael and he has been great instructor and the class help to build foundation in SQL. He is very knowledgeable and is very open to answering everyone’s questions during class. He always leaves time at the end of class to answer extra questions. His booklet is very well organized and his assignments are very useful for learning the material.
8/31/2010This is the second class that I’ve taken from Dr. Kremer and it won’t be the last. His style translates to multiple student learning levels. I have taken classes where the instructor taught at one pace, thus, leaving a number of students feeling disengaged. Dr. Kremer has the unique ability to include all the class members regardless of how steep or flat the learning curve. His knowledge is only exceeded by his patience and willingness to help his students. I give Dr. Kremer a full-throated glowing recommendation. Brian F. Johnson
1/4/2010Wow, an amazing course. Not in my wildest dreams would I ever have imagined how much I learned during those 10 weeks. Dr. Michael Kremer is a fantastic instructor, well organized, responsive, funny, and he make you understand the subject. Just as a word of caution, make sure the read the chapters ahead of the lecture, that way you are better prepared. Thanks so much for this great experience.
9/15/2009Although a lot of the students in the SQL intro course were familiar with SQL, I had no experience with SQL before the course and was easily overwhelmed. The class is very fast paced and covers a lot of ground, but the dedication of the instructor is what got me through the class. Michael is very patient and very responsive. He clearly has a lot of experience not only with SQL but with teaching. Many thanks!
12/15/2008 Dr. Kremer would have to be one of the best instructors I encountered at UC Berkeley Extension. It's obvious that he's given a lot of thoughts to preparing the class material including all the databases he created for class use that is not just a collection of some random data but interesting and diverse materials. He includes lots of examples in the Reader and he goes through all of them in class so that you can follow and do it hands-on yourself. He's always happy to help you and answer any questions. He's extremely well-organized, punctual and always responds to your e-mail questions with clarity. He's flexible to students' needs and circumstances and to reflect that he'll drop the two lowest scored quizzes/exams in case you weren't performing at your best capacity on some of the days. His homeworks and quizzes are designed such that it reinforces you to remember and learn what's most important from each chapter, not to test you on minor obscure things you are likely to neglect or to trick you. When you first show up for your class and look at the syllabus, it might intimidate you at first for its size and the number of homework/quizzes but if you stick around you'll gain lots of useful knowledge and you will do so from one of the best sources available.
12/10/2008Prof. Kremer's SQL class is a great way to start learning and using SQL. The class helps you build a strong foundation in SQL and allows you to get comfortable writing SQL in an amazingly short time. I started using SQL at work even before the class was over. The class is also very flexible, giving you as much learning as you want. Prof Kramer is a great professor, he is very dedicated to helping students learn SQL, understanding it, and applying it. The course reader Prof. Kremer provides is the ultimate resource for queries, it proves to be an invaluable resource. I highly recommend the class to anyone wanting to learn SQL, it is a great course!
12/10/2008Overall, this is a great class for new SQL students / professionals. After taking Michael’s SQL database class, I have learned the foundation to understand and write basic SQL queries. It was a really great class with hand-on experience throughout the class time. The homeworks and quizzes are very helpful to learn to write queries. Furthermore, Michael is always willingly to help and answers any questions that I may have. Just a suggestion. It is important to inform students read the text book first prior to class so that they don’t feel lost. After reading the book before class, I feel more prepared and am able to catch up with the hand-on class SQL writing.
9/3/2008The course was very well organized and the paced was just right for a first course in SQL. An outline of the course is provided, and is a great study guide and source for sample queries and statements. I was able to take skills learned from the course and apply them at work immediately after each lesson. I would like to see an 'advanced' follow up course to cover more topics and learn how to design database interfaces. The professor clearly and thoroughly addresses all questions from the students.
9/3/2008I decided to take Prof. Kremer's class because I had no experience with SQL and my job required daily use of it. His class enabled me to go from barely understanding how a query is written to being able to compose complex search queries, subqueries, joins, and various database manipulations in just 10 weeks. His reader is highly organized and well-written; so much so that I foresee referring back to it over and over at work. In addition, he is very prompt and informative when it comes to responding to emails so if the reader doesn't answer your question, he will.
9/3/2008I really got a lot out of this course. It was well organized, and Dr. Kremer is obviously an expert on SQL as well as on databases generally. I was a novice when I started the class and was applying what I had learned to my work well before the course was over.
4/27/2008Dr. Michael Kremer is an exceptionally effective instructor who actively demonstrates that he cares that the students understand the material. The course is fast paced and covers many concepts and techniques, Even so, Dr Kremer’s teaching style of precisely following his well-organized teaching manual makes following his instruction easy. In addition, the “hands-on” aspect of the class –having the ability to enter and run SQL scripts that are in the teaching manual – strongly enforces the material.
1/1/2008I found the "Managing Data(bases) using SQL" class well organized. Each class was to the point, easy to understand and Mr. Kremer did an excellent job of presenting the material and ensuring the class understood what was being presented. The classes as well as the class content were ordered to ensure sufficient knowledge was gained to understand the next topic or next class. This class would be an excellent resource for anyone seeking to gain a fundamental understanding of SQL and how to use SQL to access a database.
12/27/2007Overall, Professor Kremer’s UCB-E SQL course was a very good learning experience for me. The course and material seemed well planned out and aided in me learning the material. Having access to course-reader type materials allowed me to more easily follow along with the weekly lectures and take notes as well as enabled me to review material on my own. Having the many examples in the course reader was very useful for me because I could replicate the scenarios at home and compare my results to the screen-shots in the reader. The weekly in-class quizzes were somewhat challenging (I never got the full amount of points on any given quiz), but were defiantly helpful because they encouraged me to keep up with my studies and not fall behind. Weekly homework assignments were also very helpful because again, they encouraged me to stay on track with the class. For the most part the homework assignments were somewhat challenging – some more difficult than others, but overall required me to dedicate many hours during the weekends to complete the work. Use of the computer lab was helpful; I took a different programming course at UCB-E that was not in a lab environment so the students watched the instructor type code into the computer and saw the results on the screen in front of the class – this was not as effective as having our own workstations. One of the areas I may have liked to see in more detail was the different Oracle interface. I believe this course was more general SQL programming that we could use across software vendors, but I wonder if it would have been beneficial for us to have a lecture dedicated to the newer GUI-type SQL program just so we would have some exposure to it. The final exam tested my knowledge of the overall class. However, since we had a schedule change due to the two Monday holidays, I think there were a few too many “hints” in the test. Although they were much appreciated, I would have been a little more challenged (and probably stressed!) without all of them. Professor Kremer has a good presentation style – fairly dynamic, speaks clearly, and seems enthusiastic about teaching the course. He was always very responsive, both to students asking questions during class and/or by email. I think this helped with the learning environment because I didn’t feel embarrassed to ask him any course-related question. He seemed dedicated to our learning and willing to lend a helping hand. Also, I wonder what the output looks like for SQL on large data sets. For instance, if we’re creating something like a mailing list of individuals meeting a certain criteria and the results are 50,000 people, how do we handle this? How do we get the data from the output screen to something more useful?
12/22/2007The course “Managing Databases Using SQL,” taught by Professor Michael Kremer is definitely worth every dollar spent. In my professional career as a Data Analyst for a technology firm, I am expected to write SQL queries every day and sometimes those queries can become very complex as senior managers continually seek answers to deeper , more detailed questions relating to the source data. Dr. Kremer’s course which I took in the fall of 2007, helped me bridge the gap between the complex questions my senior management team was asking from me and my ability to translate those questions into solid, high-performance SQL queries. From both a technical SQL-writing standpoint and from the standpoint of personal confidence, that is, of building the personal confidence to write complex SQL queries, Dr. Kremer’s SQL course helped me tremendously at my current job, in fact, since taking Dr. Kremer’s course, a new nickname for me has emerged at the office, they now call me “The SQL Samurai.” Eric E. Johansson Business Intelligence Data Analyst Exent Technologies, San Francisco, CA
12/19/2007Managing Data(bases) using SQL is the first class of this sort that I’ve ever taken. So while it was a challenging class for me, the instructor, Michael Kremer was very patient. He was easy to approach in person and very responsive over email.
12/19/2007I took the SQL course with Dr. Kremer. I found the curriculum to be very relevant, the course well-structured, and the teaching lucid. I do not have much background in databases. However, I was able to follow the course. Dr. Kremer knew what to emphasize and answered a lot my questions before I thought about asking them. My only suggestion on improving the course would be to explain the data tables we used for the course, a little more. More specifically, before writing a query, what information I am seeking, which tables does it reside in, and how should I combine the various tables to get at the information. However, this is based on my limited experience. It could be that I was not adequately equipped. Sincerely, Amit Marwah