9/6/2011Professor Kremer's C Sharp course gives students an excellent start in learning the important basics of C # application development. Like all of Professor Kremer's courses, his C # class combines both theory with plenty of hands on learning. Students learn the basics of the C # language that include important concepts of object oriented programming, variables, methods and classes. Students then quickly move on to writing Windows forms based applications and also learn how to connect C # applications to back end databases. I would highly recommend Professor Kremer's C # class to any student who wishes to get started in this very popular and widely used programming language.
6/3/2011I took this class during UC Extension Spring Semester 2011. I was interested in getting started on C# and understanding the Object Oriented Programming concept. Although I have experience with VBA, object oriented was very new to me. Many times while working on my homework assignments I felt that the topic was difficult, overwhelming but the encouragement the instructor gave every now and then in the class helped a lot with the moral. At the end of the 10 weeks I was very pleased: the class got through the basic of Object Oriented Programming and I became more familiar utilizing this approach with C#. The text book contained all that was needed for the class and homework problems in a very well organized, concise, and easy to find format. For me the text book is also a good reference as I continue learning these topics. Several times I contacted Mr. Kremer with questions and the help came promptly even on a Saturday. I enjoyed the class, the pace at which the class was thought, although during the in-class practice I almost always fell behind – I couldn’t keep up with the fast typing so I would just follow the explanations and continue at home - everything was explained in detail on the course's web site for each in-class practice. Overall this was a very good class which provided me with a basic knowledge to start from. I will consider taking the Building Web Applications Using ASP.NET by the same instructor.